antonio mirabile



To quote this article: A. Mirabile, P. Moretti, F. Presciutti, The Elusive and Transitory Materials in Contemporary Drawings, Science and Art, The Painted Surface, p. 566-583, Royal Society of Chemistry, London, United Kingdom, 2014

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To quote this paper: G. Germinario, I.D. van der Werf, A. Mirabile, P. Moretti, C. Miliani, L. Sabbatini, Pyrolysis-GC/MS of modern inks:the felt-tip pens used by Lina Bo Bardi,  Proceedings of the Confernce of the: Divisione di Chimica Analitica della Società Chimica Italiana, Trieste, 13-17 September 2015, p. 210, Poster 24

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To quote this article : S. Garrappa, G. Germinario, I.D. van der Werf, A. Mirabile, L. Sabbatini, Multi-analytical study of artist felt-tip pen ink,  Proceedings of the Conference IMEKO, Torino, Italy,  19-21 October 2016, pp. 136-139

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This paper can be quoted as: D. Saviello, M. Trabace, A. Alyamia, A. Mirabile, R. Giorgi, P. Baglioni, D. Iacopino, A combined Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)/UV–vis approach for the investigation of dye content in commercial felt tip pens inks, Talanta 181 (2018) 448-453

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