antonio mirabile


Measurement and change of roughness and of topography of paper-based documents before and after aqueous treatment.

The research was carried out within the framework of the European project FingArtPrint in collaboration with the ICN, Amsterdam, Holland.

The use of a confocal profilometer with white light mounted on a mechanical arm allowed us to measure the roughness ond the topography of three pairs of documents before and after some conservation treatments: humidification, sizing and flattening.

For more infomration read the article published on this topic.

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Antonio Mirabile

Measurement and change of paper topography

The set of measurements carried out before and after conservation treatment highlighted the attenuation of several reliefs.

The area framed by a red square, in the false colour images above, show how the same 2x2 mm area results modified after some conservation treatments. In particular, the bleu parts, which indicate the dept of the relief, are less present in the image on the right, indicating a loss of relief, a modification of the topography.