antonio mirabile


Restoration and mounting of the historical collection of the Sainte-Anne Hospital. Conservation treatments realized in the frame of a dissemination project for this typology of artworks.


Below a selection of some important drawing of the collection

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Antonio Mirabile

Albino Braz

Sainte-Anne Collection includes seven drawings by Albino Braz. His drawings are executed in pencil or colored pencils on paper, they all show a tight hatched pattern.

Antonio Mirabile

Guillaume Pujolle

Sainte-Anne Collection includes seven drawings by Guillaume Pujolle. To express his art he uses gouache, watercolors but he happens to use pharmaceuticals to which he had access as tincture of iodine or Mercurochrome.


Antonio Mirabile

Aloïse Corbaz

Three artworks, including two recto-verso, are today listed in the inventory of the Collection Sainte-Anne.

Aloïse likes to draw on both sides of each paper, usually she uses pencils and wax colored pencils but, sometimes, she uses petal juice or toothpaste

Antonio Mirabile


There is little information about this artist. The Collection Sainte-Anne has two of his artworks.

His drawings are realized using ruler, aquare and compass and represent two successive airship projects, according to information provided by his doctor. These drawings are part of what was characterized in the middle of XXth century as "dessin d'invention".


Antonio Mirabile

Charles Schley

Charles Schley's artworks, preserved in the Sainte-Anne Collection, are mainly realized in sketchbooks. Recurring figures are: means of locomotion, human figures, architectural constructions and animals. The themes are often commented by inscriptions inserted at the heart of the image. These drawings are mainly realized with colored pencils.

Antonio Mirabile

Unica Zürn

Unica Zürn draws extensively. Her Hybrid plants-animals fascinates by their perpetual metamorphosis. She left, after her stay in sainte-Anne Hospital, five major works.